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such an awsome game


I have no idea how to download this ont my quest 2 but I guess it's good

Deleted 187 days ago

if your phone has c usb, download it on your phone and the plug the other end of the usb that came with the quest 2 to the headset and the other end to your phone. then navigate the files of your phone on the quest 2 and run the apk file (on the quest 2

One of three SW games I played together, fun and I love the choice of saber..but SO easy to break and fall into the oblivion XD.


how to speed up on quest 2?

umm its bad & good 


You can fall from the edge of the room, and the only way to get back is to quit the game and enter it again.


How do you think the Jedi High Counsel got in and out of the chamber?